Copper Switch Plates Hand-Crafted Works of Art

Add flair to your décor with uniquely-crafted copper wall plates by Fred Stubenrauch, founder of Copperit. Each piece is handmade in the USA and meticulously cut from copper sheets to maximize the beautiful patterns and striations – making each wall plate a one-of-a-kind work of art. We have 24 configurations to choose from.


Just a few of our best selling copper switch plate wall outlet covers

Copper Switch Plates is part of Copper Ventures LLC a decades old manufacturing company specializing in the development of various processes to “patina” raw copper with beautiful and varied colors. These copper sheets, which come in two thicknesses, are then manufactured into products for the home and office. Development over the years has brought our customers copper bar tops, backsplashes and kitchen counters, cabinet fronts, range hoods, wall plates, tile, lamps and lamp shades. We’ve even done bathroom vanities, ceiling tiles, fireplace fronts, guitars, doors, restaurant items and furniture. Our furniture creations include mirrors, decorative panels, floor lamps and table lamps. You think of it and we can probably find a way to clad it in one of our dazzling finishes!

Best selling copper switch plate wall outlet covers by configuration